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Maryam Shayesteh


“Maryam finished her PhD in 2014 fulfilling a research study on “Novel Processes, Test Structures, and Characterization for Future Germanium Technologies”. The work addressed the challenge of the formation of low resistivity contacts on n-type Ge, comparing conventional and advanced rapid thermal annealing (RTA) and laser thermal annealing (LTA) techniques as well as comparison of the influence of RTA and LTA on dopant activation and leakage current suppression in n+/p Ge junction. She started working as a postdoc in 2014 on “Advance substrate engineering for High efficiency III-V Solar Cells”.

She then joined the Photonic center in 2015, working on “Injection locking within Photonic Integrated Circuits supporting high spectral density for optical communications”. The research is focused on comb generation and filtering techniques and optimization procedures to gain better side mode suppression ratio (SMSR) through design and fabrication of various PICs and study the device characteristic. I enjoy being part of Photonics and IPIC, where I have the opportunity to work and interact with many other researchers who are all experts in their field.”