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Megan O’Brien

PhD Researcher

“I was fortunate enough to have received the IPIC internship in 2017, just after my third year of my undergraduate degree in Physics in University College Cork. Working on a project for 8 weeks and seeing how the knowledge I had learned so far in college could be applied to the real world ignited a desire to pursue a career in Photonics. Since graduating from university last October, I have been working on my PhD project, which focuses on integrating widely tuneable lasers with silicon photonics platforms through the means of transfer printing. What I’ve enjoyed the most about doing a PhD is that every day is different: some days I am testing new devices, other days I could be simulating photonic circuits or even fabricating devices. I’ve also enjoyed expanding the knowledge that I accumulated before coming to Tyndall, whether it has been through my own work or interacting with other researchers. I’ve definitely learnt something new every day so far!”