For full functionality of this site it is necessary to enable JavaScript.

Web accessibility statement

While IPIC have strived to make our website accessible, a number of elements require modern coding languages (JavaScript) to work that may impact the journey. If you are experiencing problems please contact us at


The website has been created using modern HTML/CSS techniques. CSS (cascading stylesheets) has been used for the presentation layer. Graphics are only used for visual purposes. Any graphics used on buttons etc are created within the CSS.


HTML5 roles ( have been used on the main blocks. For example role=”navigation” is used on the primary navigation, this helps assistive technologies to highlight the correct content for the user.


Web Aria ( elements have been applied to form fields. For example aria-required=”true” will ensure that the field is marked as required in modern browsers and will be read aloud by screen readers.

Text resize

The text size on the IPIC website is relative. On desktop, if you increase/decrease the page zoom or font the website content will change accordingly. On mobile/tablet, pinch and zoom is disabled.