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Training Ireland and Europe’s future photonics research leaders is one of our core activities and one that we are passionate about.

We have over 20 PhDs and Postdocs who join us every year to advance their research skills and prepare themselves for careers with the world’s leading technology companies, in dynamic fast growing start-ups and SMEs, or in leading academic institutions.

We are currently evolving our PhD and Postdoc training into more structured programmes to enhance the quality of the training experience and to strengthen the development of non-research skills, such as project management, grant writing and IP commercialisation. As part of this development we recently launched two dedicated training programmes at PhD and Postdoc level:

  • Sparkle

We also have a set of emerging programmes for industry based individuals who would like to learn about the latest developments and scientific techniques. These intense week long training programmes include hands-on activities in our state-of-the-art laboratories and semiconductor fabrication facilities.

If you are interested in joining one of our training programmes or vacancies, please check our current openings, or reach out to our Programme Manager Monika Zygowska.