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“Knowledge once gained casts a light beyond its own immediate boundaries.” John Tyndall

IPIC strives to make photonics accessible to everyone. Photonics, the study of light, focuses on generating, controlling, and detecting photons, and can be found in every part of our daily lives; from the lighting in our homes, to medical devices through to the technology we use to communicate with each other. We bring the science to you through immersive and fun demonstrations at a number of public events throughout the year, including Cork Discovers, Culture Night and the National Ploughing Championship.

With over 300,000 people working internationally in the field of photonics, this growing sector presents many opportunities for future scientists and engineers. Our multiple programmes are designed to inform and inspire students to pursue education and careers in core science subjects, such as physics and engineering, and to show that these opportunities are equally open to female students. Activities include in-class primary and secondary school visits, SFI Research Centers TY Week and the IPIC Summer Undergraduate Student Bursary programme.

Now is the time to get involved, here’s how – We have the knowledge and we want to share it. You can come visit us at one of our partner institutions across Ireland, have a researcher come to your school or meet with our researchers at public events. We have a number of resources to provide more information including the Little Book of Photonics Careers and Photonic Explorer Kits, all available on request.

If you are interested in any of our events or outreach programmes, please don’t hesitate to contact our EPE officer .

You can also keep up-to-date by checking our website, Twitter and Instagram.

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Little Book of Photonics