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Research at IPIC

Our core Platform Research Programme represents an investment of over €20M, and is focused on four inter-disciplinary Research Themes where we seek to be work leaders.

Here we combine the expertise and knowledge from our 17 research groups into 4 teams, with the scale and resources to deliver ground-breaking technology. This includes two technology platform focused Themes, Monolithic and Heterogeneous Integration, and Packaging and Hybrid Integration, that feed into two application focused Themes, Optical Communications and BioMedical.

These are underpin by 15 Research Areas that cover a wide range of applications, including AR/VR displays, data centres, environmental sensing, medical devices and portable diagnostic systems.

Our Research Themes


‘World’s smallest integrated imaging system for guided surgery’

Optical Communications

‘Coherent everywhere: migration of coherent communications to the network edge’

Monolithic & Heterogeneous Integrations

‘Printed photonics on anything’

Packaging & Hybrid Integrations

‘Breaking the packaging cost barrier’

Key Research Areas

Basic Phenomena
Photonics Theory

Electronic structure & properties, III-V materials & devices


Light tissue interactions, molecular spectroscopy

Quantum Information

Single & entnagled photon sources

Materials Epitaxy
III-V Materials

Optoelectronic device structures, quantum wells, wires, dots


Optoelectronic device structures, nanostructured epitaxy

Thermal Materials

Thermoelectric & thermal interface materials

Device Fab

Visible, near-IR &b UV lasers, (micro)LEDs, modulators, detectors

Silicon & Nano photonics

Photonic crystals, hybrid lasers, coupling interfaces


Driver and receiver integrated circuits

Photonic Integration

High-speed integrated optoelectronic devices

Assembly & Packaging

Packaging & hybrid integration

Transfer Printing

Micro-transfer printing of integrated electronic & photonic circuits


Optical fibre comms, digital signal processing, software defined network, quantum key distribution


Laser based micro and nano-scale fabrication


Smart surgical instruments & wearable devices

Key Projects


PIXAPP is the world’s first open-access Photonic Integrated Circuit (PIC) Assembly and Packaging Pilot line, and helps users exploit the breakthrough advantages of PIC technologies.

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