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Stefan Schulz

Principal Investigator

In general, Stefan’s research interests are focused on the calculation of electronic and optical properties of semiconductor nanostructures, in particular, in the realm of nitride-based systems, such as indium nitride, gallium nitride and aluminum nitride and their respective alloys. In the area of semiconductor nanostructures he has been working on quantum dots, nanocrystals and quantum well systems. Special focus of his research activities is on multi-scale modeling, starting from density functional theory over to empirical atomistic models up to continuum-based approaches.

This allows for studying fundamental properties from first-principles and how these properties impact and affect optoelectronic device properties. In his work, he also combines electronic structure theory with many-body theoretical approaches to gain insight into fundamental optical properties of, for instance, semiconductor quantum dots. Also, Stefan’s research activities involve theory and model development to address challenges in the modeling of novel semiconductor materials and heterostructures.

A strong emphasis of Stefan’s current research activities is on the investigation of electronic, optical and transport properties of nitrides-based light emitting diodes. Here special attention is paid to open questions in their underlying basic physics and to build on this gained insight to guide the design of future energy efficient devices.