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Adarsh Ananthachar

PhD Researcher

Adarsh received his Bachelors in Physics from Jain Univ, India in 2016 and Masters in Photonics from Department of Atomic and Molecular Physics, Manipal Univ, India. As part of his graduate course, he completed his Master Thesis – “Characterization of Photonic Crystal Cavities” under the supervision of Dr Liam O’ Faolain during the first half of 2018. He is currently a Ph.D. student under Dr Liam O’ Faolain in the Nanophotonics group of CAPPA in association with Tyndall National Institute. His work is a part of H2020’s REDFINCH and CUSPIDOR projects. His research interests include – Silicon photonics, Nanofabrication and Optoelectronics.