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Armando Trapala

PhD Researcher

Armando Trapala is currently doing his PhD-Physics under the supervision of Dr Emanuele Pelucchi and working with the EPN group. His work is in developing quantum dots on photonic platforms and studying its application to quantum computation.

Armando studied a BSc degree in Physics at Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana, in Mexico City. There he focused his research project on mathematical physics, particularly the description of electrostatics and magnetostatics in term differential geometry, under the supervision of Dr Josue Melendez Sanchez.
During this period he also worked simultaneously in the fabrication and spectroscopic analysis of photoluminescent glasses and their application on laser emission, under the direction of Dr Ulises Sinhue Caldiño Garcia.

He received his MSc degree in the Speciality of Physics at the Research and Advanced Studies Centre of the IPN, in Mexico city. His research thesis regarded the wormholes (WH) and black holes (BH) provided by the non-linear electrodynamics coupled with classical general relativity. His thesis was developed under the supervision of Dr Hector Hugo Garcia Compean.

Armando’s interests lie on fundamental physics, quantum optics, quantum entanglement, and quantum information (QI), and of course, their multiple applications even theoretical, like in the ADS/CFT correspondence between WH, BH and QI, or experimental like in quantum computation.