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Arun Kumar Mallik

Senior Researcher

Arun Kumar Mallik currently holds the position of Senior Researcher in the Photonics Packaging Group at Tyndall National Institute since June 2021. His research activities focus on flip-chip bonding, 2.5D/ 3D advanced optical packaging assembly processes, fiber-to-waveguide coupling techniques, design of all electronic aspects of advanced photonic packages such as interposers, PCBs, and electrical connectors.

He received his Ph.D. degree from the Photonics Research Center, Dublin Institute of Technology (Now TU Dublin) in Oct 2018. After his Ph.D., he worked for 2 years as a postdoc researcher in the same lab. Before his Ph.D. studies, he worked as a research scientist for six years in the Photonics division at Society for Applied Microwave Electronics Engineering & Research (S.A.M.E.E.R), Mumbai, India.