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Chinna Devarapu


“I am currently building a low-cost 96 well microtiter plate reader as part of my Marie Skłodowska-Curie Career-Fit Fellowship. This project has applications in the fields of biomedical and pharmaceutical applications. To realise such a low-cost plate reader, I am designing optical waveguides in polymer materials and realising a novel tunable light source in the visible regime to replace the existing costly and bulky ELISA instruments.
Before the MSCA fellowship, I was investigating optical interconnects based on photonic crystal (PhC) cavity resonators for efficient data transfer at Cork Institute of Technology. In particular, I was working on vertical integration of photonic and electronic circuits. I am also developing a wafer scale testing platform for PhCs, in collaboration with Helia Photonics and Stanford University.
During my PhD at University of Exeter, I investigated theoretically Polaritonic Photonic Crystals (PPCs). I achieved near-perfect absorption and ultra-refractive properties in the Reststrahlen band of the polaritonic materials. “