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Our People

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John McCarthy

PhD Researcher

John began in Tyndall as an intern in 2018, where he worked on a project for the III-V Materials group using photovoltaic cells to convert laser power.

Following his undergraduate degree, he joined the Integrated Photonics Group where he began a PhD on the generation of frequency combs through gain switching. His research involves simulating the behaviour of lasers in order to create an optimal design, fabrication techniques in Tyndall’s state of the art cleanroom, as well as characterisation of the devices in Tyndall’s photonic labs.

To date, John has developed a photonic integrated circuit that can both generate a comb, as well as filter the individual comb lines in the hopes of developing suitable de-multiplexers. Designs of such a PIC have been developed and are under fabrication.

The ultimate goal of this project is to design and fabricate a frequency comb laser that could be micro-transfer printed into a silicon circuit.