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Our People

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Lin Lyu

PhD Researcher

Lin Lyu is based in University of Limerick, she is working on her PhD titled: Nanocrystal Based Micro-LED Array Via Heterogenous Integration (NC-MicroLED).  Macroscale all-inorganic electrically pumped nanocrystal-based light-emitting diodes are fabricated by electrophoretic deposition (EPD). The EPD method allows hole-free nanocrystal film formation from colloidal nanocrystals of various shapes and is ideally suited for heterogeneous integrations. In NC-Micro LED, we aim to advance our technology further to demonstrate its feasibility in Micro-LED fabrications.

Lin obtained her Master of Science degree from Dalian Maritime University in China. During her master’s study, she did research in the Dalian Minzu University, Key Lab New Energy & Rare Earth Resource Utilizat, Key Lab Photosensit Mat & Devices Liaoning Prov, with a focus on Rare-earth ion doped up-conversion luminescence and Garnet nanocrystal-based white-LED.