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Risov Das

PhD Researcher

Risov Das Joined III-V Materials and Devices group at Tyndall National Institute under the supervision of Dr. Samir Ghosh and co-supervision of Brian Corbett.  He is working on PhD titled, On Chip Non-Reciprocal Magneto-Optic Based Optical Devices Realised by Transfer Printing.  In this project the focus will be on integrating newly-developed Magneto-Optic material on Si or SiN waveguide employing transfer printing technology. Different types of device architectures like Mach-Zehnder interferometer, ring resonator will be designed and tested. In the later stage of this PhD thin-film permanent magnet will be explored for the integration with Magneto-Optic material.
In 2016 Risov graduated with Physics (honors) from the University of GourBanga, India, occupying the 2nd position in the university. He received Master of Science degree in Physics from Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, India in 2019. After M.Sc. he worked in a project under the supervision of Dr. Akhileshwar Prasad on the application of Artificial Intelligence in the field of Physics for 2 years.