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Romil Patel


Romil joined the Photonic Systems Group of Tyndall National Institute as a postdoc researcher under the supervision of Dr. Cleitus Anthony and Prof. Paul Townsend. Primarily, his research works focus on the European Commission-funded “ADOPTION” Project, which involves the development of an advanced co-packaged optics (CPO) eco-system to enable the evolution of network architecture for cloud computing applications.
Romil received his PhD degree in electrical engineering from Instituto de Telecomunicações – Universidade de Aveiro, Portugal in 2022. His PhD research work was mainly focused on the development of a simplified self-coherent transceiver for optical communication networks. After PhD, he started working as a postdoc researcher at the Instituto de Telecomunicações – Aveiro, where his work focused on the development of digital signal processing (DSP) subsystems for long-haul digital subcarrier multiplexing (DSCM) transmission systems with very high spectral efficiency.
Romil’s interest involves optics and photonics for high-speed communication, DSP for high-speed optical transceivers, Photonics Integrated Circuits (PIC), and free space optics (FSO).