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Samir Ghosh


Samir Ghosh joined IPIC at Tyndall in October 2020, he is a Researcher working with III-V Materials and Devices group. His current research focus is on heterogeneous integration of myriad optical materials like InP, GaAs, LiNbO3, Garnet for realizing fully functional photonic integrated circuit for communication, sensing and imaging applications. He has (co-) authored 30 publications in referred journals and in conference proceedings. He is one of the coordinators of IPIC heterogeneous integration theme.

Samir obtained his Ph.D in Photonics Engineering from Ghent University-IMEC, Belgium in 2013. During his doctoral study he worked on integrated optical isolator and circulator for silicon photonics platform. Afterwards he has spent several years as a postdoctoral researcher at various academic institutes around the globe including McGill University (Canada), University of California – Davis (USA), The University of Tokyo (Japan), Nanyang Technological University (Singapore). He worked on diverse topics in integrated photonics including optical nonreciprocity, silicon photonic modulator for short-reach communication, optical phased array for non-mechanical beam steering, on-chip polarization detection and manipulation.