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Vanessa Rodrigues


Vanessa joined the Photonics Packaging Group@Tyndall to build on Sustainability in photonics packaging. Her interests delve into educational initiatives, illustrations, assemblies, optical metrology and design of experiments.
She is an engineer specialised in electronics, communication and photonics, and with a doctorate on the fabrication of diffractive optics using ultrashort pulse lasers from Manipal Academy of Higher Education, India in collaboration with Raman Research Institute, Bangalore; Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai; and Nanyang Technological Institute, Singapore. Her expertise extends to topics of bubble dynamics, optical tweezers, surface wettability, macromolecule crystallisation and opto-mechanical door-locking system design. Vanessa has several accolades to her credit that include the MAHE, Manipal 2003-2007 undergraduate scholarship, SPIE 2014 Optics and Photonics Education scholarship and has been involved with science outreach.
Additionally, she has industry experience as a customer support service engineer in Abu Dhabi, U.A.E., and in engineering at the Extreme Light Infrastructure-Nuclear Physics, Romania, user facility where she supported the implementation and commissioning of high powered lasers experiments with general electronics, motorized stage installations, safety and laser diagnostics. She then moved to Ireland to join the Biophotonics team@Tyndall to develop wavefront optimisation and time-of-flight technologies.