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Vitaly Zubialevich


Upon graduating with a distinction diploma from the Physics Department of Belarusian State University in 2000, I was very confident in pursuing a research career and completing it within the Institute of Physics of National Academy of Science, Belarus. This was defined by a two year experience in the Laboratory of Semiconductor Optics of the Institute where I worked as an undergraduate student member of Prof. Dr. Gennady P. Yablonskii’s group for my term paper and diploma thesis. While working for the next 11 years in the Laboratory, I developed my skills in optical characterisation of wide bandgap semiconductors with focus initially on II-VI and then III-N alloys, prepared and successfully defended my candidate of physico-mathematical sciences thesis (1st tier doctorate degree in Belarus, PhD equivalent). Since 2011, I was happy to then join Prof. Dr. Peter J. Parbrook’s III-Nitride Materials group at Tyndall Photonics. Over my years here, in addition to my previous experience (I ran a PL/Raman Spectroscopic Lab at Tyndall), I was given the chance to expand my skills towards growth of III-Nitrides (I run also an MOCVD Lab here), their structural characterisation by means of X-ray diffractometry, scanning electron and atomic force microscopies as well as nanofabrication. In more recent years, I am glad to have been apart of the wonderful cohort of IPIC researchers and hope that advanced heterostructures that I grow will find good applications in photonics and optoelectronics.