Three-Dimensional Self-Assembled Columnar Arrays of AlInP Quantum Wires for Polarized


A three-dimensional ordered and self-organized semiconductor system emitting highly polarized light in the yellow-orange visible range (580–650 nm) is presented, comprising self-assembled in-plane AlInP wires vertically stacked in regularly spaced columns. More than 200 wires per column without detectable defect formation could be stacked. Theoretical simulations and temperature-dependent photoluminescence provided a benchmark to engineer multilayered structures showing internal quantum efficiency at room temperature larger than comparable quantum wells emitting at similar wavelengths. Finally, proof-of-concept light-emitting diodes (LED) showed a high degree of light polarization and lower surface parasitic currents than comparable quantum well LEDs, providing an interesting perspective for high-efficiency polarized yellow-orange light-emitting devices.