A Little Light Listening

Lighting up the world of Photonics

Photonics is the science and technology of generating, controlling and detecting light. Photonics research uses a part of the Electromagnetic Spectrum, from ultraviolet (UV) light, visible light and infrared (IR) light. This means you can see some photonic technologies with your eyes but other technologies are invisible to the human eye.

A Little Light Listening is a new podcast by IPIC where we cover the latest developments in light-based science and technology. This regular podcast features STEM and non-STEM experts from Ireland and around the world. We explore a broad range of technology areas including how light is used in medicine, space and communications.

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Episode 1: LiDAR

In this episode we discuss LiDAR, or Light Detection and Ranging technology. How is LiDAR used in many aspects of everyday life including self-drive vehicles, land mapping, meteorology or looking back in time at how ancient civilizations lived? Find out the answers and much more here!

Hosted by David McGovern. Special thanks to our guests Peter O`Brien and Nick Hogan.

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Release Date: 3rd November 2021

David McGovern
Senior Business Development Manager at IPIC & Tyndall National Institute

David has more than ten years’ experience in researched-focussed organisations. This includes significant industry experience at Intel Ireland and roles in research, R&D management and technology commercialisation in the 3rd Level Sector  and more recently at Tyndall National Institute.

Peter O’Brien
Head of Photonics Packaging – IPIC & Tyndall National Institute

Peter is the deputy director of IPIC at Tyndall and Adjunct Professor at the College of Optical Science, University of Arizona. Peter established the advanced photonic packaging group in Tyndall National Institute in 2009.

Nick Hogan
Senior Technical Officer – Archaeology Dept. University College Cork

Nick is an experienced field archaeologist with a range of skills in excavation, land survey and geophysics and is particularly interested in the application of digital technologies to the study of archaeological sites and landscapes.

Special Episode: Quantum Worlds

This special episode celebrates the World Quantum Day, April 14th, and will delve into what Quantum Technologies are, how they will impact our future and the quantum landscape in Ireland.

Hosted by David McGovern with special guests Prof Seamus Davis from UCC, Prof Elena Blokhina from UCD and Dr. Emanuele Pelucchi from IPIC & Tyndall National Institute.

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Release Date: 14th April 2022

Seamus Davis

J.G. White Distinguished Professor Emeritus, Cornell University, USA; Professor of Physics, University of Oxford, UK; and Professor of Quantum Physics, University College Cork, Ireland.

He was recently elected to the rank of Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), considered among the most distinct honours within the global scientific community. Prof Davis’ has very diverse research interests including he macroscopic quantum physics of emergent quantum matter.

Elena Blokhina

Associate Professor School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, UCD

Prof Blokhina is a Senior member of IEEE and the Past Chair of the IEEE Technical Committee on Nonlinear Circuits and Systems. In 2018-2021 she was the Deputy Editor in Chief of IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems I Journal. She served as a Visiting Professor in UPMC Sorbonne Universities in 2014, 2017 and 2021. Prof Blokhina is also currently the CSO at equal1.labs. Prof Blokhinas research interests include quantum computing, semiconductor devices, quantum dots, microelectronic systems and multi-physics systems.

Emanuele Pelucchi

Head of Epitaxy and Physics of Nanostructures (EPN) group, IPIC and Tyndall National Institute-UCC.

In January 2007 moved to Tyndall National Institute-UCC, setting up a new research group in the field of III-V epitaxy and semiconductor quantum dots, with a particular effort dedicated to site controlled quantum dots. He is currently holding a number of record performances obtained at Tyndall in MOVPE epitaxy in general and site controlled single quantum dots in particular, all achieved as an independent PI.


Episode 2: GASMAS Spectrometry

Release Date: TBC


Episode 3: Communicating in Space

Release Date: TBC


Episode 4: Harnessing Light for Renewable Energy

Release Date: TBC

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This podcast is created by Irish Photonic Integration Centre in partnership with Science Foundation Ireland. Thanks to our partners at Tyndall National Institute and UCC 98.3FM radio production team for their support in making this podcast.