IPIC’s Photonic Packaging Group let by Prof. Peter O’Brien have been awarded funding by the National Science Foundation in the US to diversify and strengthen the supply chain for manufacturing and packaging of semiconductor devices.  This collaborative project, FUTUR-IC is a reference to the future of integrated circuits, or chips, through a global alliance for sustainable microchip manufacturing. FUTUR-IC brings together stakeholders from industry, academia, and government to co-optimize Technology, Ecology, and Workforce across three dimensions. For more please click here.

MIT’s Principal Research Scientist, Anu Agrawal states “The current microchip manufacturing supply chain, which includes production, distribution, and use, is neither scalable nor sustainable and cannot continue. We must innovate our way out of this future crisis”

Prof. O’Brien has commented “We have established a deep and impactful partnership with our collaborators at MIT over the past years. FUTUR-IC is a new strand in that partnership, enabling us to deliver meaningful global impacts and strengthen research collaboration between Europe and the US.”