Congratulations to an IPIC researcher, Dr. Agnieszka Gocalinska, who has been nominated by JPhys Photonics for a prestigious Emerging Leaders 2020 award.


In keeping with the Journal of Physics Series’ 50th anniversary celebratory initiative in 2017, JPhys Photonics has brought together the best early-career researchers in materials science and published their exceptional work in an annual collection dedicated to ‘Emerging leaders’.

An emerging leader is defined as a top researcher in their field who completed their PhD in 2009 or later (10 years excluding career breaks). A limited number of early career researchers have been nominated by the journal’s Editorial Boards as the most talented and exciting researchers in their generation.

Dr. Gocalinska, who is an expert of III-V growth and a recognised leader in MOVPE metamorphic growth, is the only female nominee for the award.

For more information please visit the IOPscience website.