UCC Innovation has announced the launch of BioPixS, the latest spinout collaboration between IPIC SFI Research Centre, Tyndall National Institute, and UCC Innovation. BioPixS’ vision is to translate cutting-edge research into hi-tech, innovative solutions to impact the BioPhotonics market. Biophotonics is a multidisciplinary research area that focusses on the application of light-based technologies to life sciences and medicine. The BioPixS mission is to create standards in the field of Biophotonics through phantoms that simulate light interaction in scattering media like human tissue. BioPixS’ products will reduce the cost and time needed to develop hi-tech biomedical devices in photonics. On a social front, BioPixS’ phantoms target to reduce the animals used in preclinical trials by providing parallel solutions and optimise clinical trials, promoting a better world for our future generations.

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